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          I often hear people say in sessions “how did I get here”, “how did this happen to me” or “I never thought I would in this position”……

       Being able to adapt can be daunting, overwhelming, and you are not sure how or if you can accept new situations.

        This is where I can support you. Bringing new perspectives, processing the pain/hurt, teaching coping skills or coaching you with clear steps and goals.


                                                       So whatever your changes are:


     - Dealing with divorce

     - Loss of a loved one

     - Redundancy

     - Pregnancy

     - Parenting

     - A new life style

     - Menopause

     - Immigration to a new country

     -  Change of career,

     - Feeling depressed, anxious,

     - ..................……………………Just to name a few


                                                                      I can help.


If you want to know about my professional background, please select “more about me”. 


If you wish to know how to connect with me and the Services UI provide, please select “Services”.  

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