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"The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy,


not on fighting the old,


but on building the NEW."


How I Can Help You.....

       Choosing a psychologist is not easy, finding the 'right one' can be daunting. We are as diverse and unique as you are, therefore I spend time with you really getting to know you and how you see your world and how you see your world.


       We are as psychologists are all trained in this but the reality is we are all different too.


        You are the master of your life, you have all the answers already within you even though when you are reading this, that might be hard to see.


       I feel skilled in being able to find these solutions with you. Yes, I use proven techniques/methods, but I also have experience in life. This has brought about a new unique way of relating to my clients for me. 


Understanding your " lived Experience", what is 'Most Important to you in your Life'  and learning how to live this Life is the key becoming the  "Authentic" you!

 If you wish to know how to connect with me or what services I provide, please select “Services”.  

Who am I ?

In my teens, I became captivated by reading books about people dealing with huge emotional challenges 


In my twenties, I studied Psychology and it became my passion.


Fast forward 25+ years ....  AND I still feel the same.


I immigrated from The Netherlands to Australia after completing my degree. 


Australia gave me many opportunities to both develop personally and professionally. 


I have travelled both conventional and unconventional roads in my life.


This has given me the richest experiences. 


That, combined with my professional knowledge makes me a person who is genuine, compassionate and can relate to others going through difficult changes in their lives.

If you wish to know more about my professional background

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